Instantly add a local business number to your phone

Keep work separate, look professional, and manage everything from your phone.

  • Install our premium business-ready app for Android™ or iPhone®, for full calling and text messaging to/from your business number
  • No contracts, no phone system, no second phone, no SIM cards, and no hassle
  • Unlimited* calls and text messages, everything included in one fixed monthly price
  • Easy setup takes about 2-3 minutes, choose a 🇺🇸 US local phone number in real-time
  • Bonus business features such as auto-reply, working hours, templates, and much more...

As well as all the calling and texting features you’d expect, Chalkboard comes with tons of extra tools and features...

Lists and broadcasts

Our lists feature lets you organise your contacts into lists, and then send quick updates without having to type one by one.

Included feature


Write an auto-reply message that when activated, will send to anyone whose call you miss. You can also auto-reply to calls outside working hours.

Included feature

Contact cards

Store work contacts inside Chalkboard. Save phone numbers, emails, addresses, notes, and more. Use it like a mini customer database in your pocket.

Included feature

Working hours

Set your working hours to control which days/hours you receive calls and messages. Use voicemail and auto-reply outside those times.

Included feature

Start now

7 day free trial • Cancel anytimeInstant setup

Work/life balance

Chalkboard helps you to separate your work and personal life. Everyone deserves some downtime.

Always recognise work calls

You’ll always know when a work call is incoming. Make sure every call is answered professionally.

Keep your personal number private

Chalkboard lets you use your cell phone for work without revealing your personal phone number.

Separate work and personal

Keep all work calls, messages, contacts, and communications within the Chalkboard app.

7 day free trial

Cancel anytime • Instant setup • No charges

Included with every Chalkboard number is a set of advanced call and messaging features, for every professional.

Media messaging

Add more to conversations - send photos, videos, files, contacts, and voice notes.


Create customisable voicemail greetings and play back your voicemail messages right from the app. We’ll even transcribe them to text.

Block unwanted contact

Permanently block spam or other nuisance numbers with just a couple of taps.


Save templates so you can quickly send the same message again and again (such as opening hours, or directions).

7 day free trial • Cancel anytimeInstant setup

How it works

  • Sign up for Chalkboard
  • Verify your real cell phone number*
  • Choose a US local number that you like
  • Begin your 7 day trial (no obligation or commitment)
  • Install the app
  • You’re up and running!

7 day free trial

We know you’ll love Chalkboard, but if not you can cancel the trial easily from within the app. You won’t be charged anything.

* This is for security and verification. Once verified, you can use the app on any phone you have.

Port numbers in or out

With minimal hassle, we’ll help you to port an existing phone number into Chalkboard. If you decide to leave, you can port Chalkboard numbers away without penalties or charges.

No extra cost

Works on all your devices

Just install and login on all the phones you use.

Even better, you still only pay one subscription.

Swap the devices you use as often as you need.

No extra cost

Responsive support for when you need it

For the occasional moments when you need a helping hand or encounter a problem, we’re here to help.

Free support

Apps that you’ll love to use

To use Chalkboard, you simply need to install the app. We’re on the Apple App Store® (for iPhones®), or on Google Play (for Android phones).

Safe and secure

Our apps are regularly hand reviewed and approved for quality and data safety by Apple and Google.

Never any ads

You’ll never see any ads inside the app. Chalkboard is reliable and built for professional use.

Start for free

7 day free trial • Cancel anytimeInstant setup

Works alongside WhatsApp Business

Many Chalkboard customers find it useful to be contactable and present on WhatsApp through their Chalkboard number.

Once you have a Chalkboard number, you can install WhatsApp Business (free), and follow our guide to setting up your number with work on WhatsApp.


$10 / month

7 day free trial

Unlimited* calls and texts

Includes all features

  • Includes a US local number
  • Unlimited* US calls and texts
  • Professional-grade mobile app
  • Voicemail (includes transcription to text)
  • Media messaging
  • Lists and broadcasts
  • Working hours
  • Auto-reply to missed calls
  • Templates
  • Contact cards (organise your contacts)
  • No setup or other charges
  • No contract or commitment
  • No SIM or other hardware needed
  • Set up takes 2-3 minutes

7 day free trial • Cancel anytimeInstant setup

How does Chalkboard compare?

Chalkboard Dual SIM / eSIM Second phone
Cost $10 $30-40 $70-120
Setup fees None Sometimes Sometimes
Usage costs None Yes Yes
Contract None Yes Yes
Performance Great May drain battery Great
Ease of use Great OK Very inconvenient
Separation of personal vs. work Full None Full
Setup time Instant 2-5 days 2-5 days
Porting number Reinstall the app (2 minutes) Porting process (days) Porting process (days)

How to get started

It takes just a few minutes, and we’ll walk you through it step-by-step. We’ll have you up and running with Chalkboard almost instantly.

We're a global business

Chalkboard has team members and commercial operations in both Europe and the US.

No contracts or commitment

There is never a contract with Chalkboard. Just pay month-to-month for as long as you need it. It’s easy to cancel your service if you need to, right from the app.

Try for free, instant setup

If you’re not sure Chalkboard will work for you, just try it for free and see. Every new user gets a 7 day trial, with nothing to pay if you decide not to continue before 7 days is up.

7 day free trial • Cancel anytime • Instant setup

Who is Chalkboard for?

Local businesses


Home services



Service based

Real estate / property

Many more!

7 day free trial • Cancel anytimeInstant setup

Have questions?

Why should I choose Chalkboard instead of dual-SIM?

Some phones support ‘dual SIM’, which means you can use 2 cell phone contracts on one phone.

Whilst this may suit some people, it can have an impact on battery life, and can be awkward to use. It also doesn’t always help keep work calls, messages, and contacts separate from personal in the way that Chalkboard does.

Is this the same as an eSIM?

No, Chalkboard is not an eSIM. An eSIM is where your network carrier may add an extra phone number to your contract without needing an extra physical SIM card. Some phones support eSIMs, some do not.

Chalkboard has many advantages over an eSIM, can be set up instantly, and is compatible with every Android™ or iPhone®.

What is a virtual phone number?

Chalkboard provides a ‘virtual number’. A virtual number is a genuine US phone number (like any other), but is not tied to a physical device.

Chalkboard provides you with a virtual number instantly, and then provides the ability to use it for calls and messages through our app.

How is payment taken?

You can pay with most credit or debit cards.

Are my card details secure?

Yes, we use best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security.

Our payment provider is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

All card numbers are encrypted at rest with AES-256 by our payments provider. Chalkboard does not have direct access to your card details.

Can I claim Chalkboard as a business expense?

Chalkboard is normally a tax deductible (allowable) business expense. You should always check with your accountant to be sure.

Is it easy to cancel?

Yes it is. To cancel, you only need visit the Billing section of the app, and tap the Cancel subscription button.

We prefer to focus on making Chalkboard a must-have service than trying to make it difficult for you to cancel.

How can the price be so low?

We’re always working to make the product, price, and the service behind it the best it can be. The better value it is, the more customers we can serve, which in turn leads to lower costs that we can pass on!

Are there any restrictions on what I can use Chalkboard for?

You must not use it to send content that is offensive, insensitive, upsetting, bullying, of an adult or gambling nature or illegal. You should not use it to send spam, or send messages without permission. Please see our full terms of service.

Can I get a toll-free number instead?

Sorry, no. We only offer US local numbers at present.

Is it possible to change my number?

It is! If you decide you want a different number for any reason, we'll gladly change it for you.

Can I use Chalkboard on more than one phone?

Yes you can! Just install and login on all the phones you use. Even better, you still only pay one subscription.

If I change my phone handset, will it still work?

Yes, it’s very easy to move Chalkboard to your new phone when you change it. Simply install the app on your new phone and login!

Do you sell my data or information?

No, we never sell your data to third parties.

We do sometimes share data with our suppliers/partners for the strict purposes of operating the service. Our privacy policy explains when and how we may do that.

Can I read your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is always available on our website.

Does it work whilst I’m on vacation (abroad)?

As long as you have data access whilst abroad (either roaming cell phone data, or hotel Wi-Fi, etc.) then Chalkboard will work exactly as it would at home.

Callers will not know you’re away from the US, as the ringtone will not change. Use Chalkboard’s voicemail, working hours, and auto-reply features to give yourself some time off!

Will contacts know I’m using Chalkboard?

No, it will seem like any other local phone number to your contacts.

Is the mobile app safe and secure?

Our apps go through a stringent, manual review and approval process by Apple and Google every time we make an update.

We are also required to declare the app’s data safety and privacy practices as part of those approval processes. So you can be sure that Chalkboard is a reliable and safe app to have installed.

Can I make premium rate or international calls?

Chalkboard is only for domestic, standard rated calls right now (to other US numbers). Premium rate or international calls aren't possible.

What if I have other questions?

After you’ve started your trial, please contact us in the app, we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have!

7 day free trial • Cancel anytimeInstant setup